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OpenSpirit S.A.
Big Data & Analisys
OpenSpirit provides advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, including Big Data Platform as a Service, to rapidly provide insights on operations, customers and products. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, master data management and more..

Big Data Platform Innovation

Integrate new big data technologies into your data platform and transform your data life-cycle management functions to derive business value from big data.

Big Data Strategy

Exploit large, diverse, fast-moving data to successfully transition to deriving business value from big data through enhanced business and organizational performance.

Big Data Analytics Insights

Build and deploy big data applications and advanced analytics to improve business results by asking the right questions to identify the right business case and data sources.

Analytics as a Service

As a service delivery of insights and information through advanced analytics through an integration of traditional, open and self-service technologies in a range of engagement models to your users and operation needs for less.

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Big Data Professional Services

The goal of OpenSpirit Professional Services is to engage with our customers and ensure their Business Analytics solution implementation is a success. Because studies show that product technology is only one element of a successful Analytics project, we take a holistic approach to our consulting services, addressing elements of knowledge, methods and technology to eliminate risks and roadblocks. Our engagement plan is focused on partnering and enablement to quickly build customer self-sufficiency.

Big Data Service Offerings

OpenSpirit consultants can guide you through the requirements, design and implementation of your project. We offer pre-packaged programs to accelerate your project and custom engagements that span from supporting your team to full delivery of a Business Analytics solution.

• Deployment Assurance Program to accelerate the productivity of your team and help eliminate project false starts resulting in faster ROI

• Implementation assessments to provide a risk-based review of the core elements for a successful Business Analytics project

• Custom Engagements to support the design, development and deployment of Business Analytics applications

• Technical Account Management and Checkpoints to provide advice, guidance and trouble resolution throughout your project life-cycle

• Health Checks to review your current Business Analytics program and deployment to maximize your investment

• Solution implementation to outsource the full or partial implementation of your project to a reliable and skilled Business Analytics team

• Migration support to provide expert knowledge and best practices to quickly deploy and operationalize new big data platforms

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Business Analytics Quick Start

The Business Analytics Quick Start is an onsite engagement that leverages OpenSpirit’s experts to deliver business analytics content quickly, with high quality and lower risk. The Quick Start is focused on building out specific end user deliverables, using a best practices architecture and design. The end result is a set of reports and/or dashboard that a customer can use right away.

Quick Start includes:

1. Discuss business processes to be measured and output strategies. 2. Design of a dimensional model that satisfies requirements 3. Creating the Solution Architecture 4. Design and build of Data Integration components to load dimensional model with source data 5. Design and build of OLAP model to allow quick, interactive slice and dice analysis 6. Create reports or dashboards per requirements to measure business process 7. End user mentoring sessions 8. Technical knowledge transfer on how to build future solutions for requirements

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