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OpenSpirit S.A.
Business Process Outsourcing
Reduce inefficiency, cut costs and enhance competitiveness with OpenSpirit Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Maximize resource efficiency by focusing on core competencies. To remain profitable in today’s competitive environment, you need to run leaner operations and adjust quickly to changing market conditions. Companies that allocate significant resources to non-core business tasks and lack the flexibility of responding to changing customer, vendor, supplier and partner needs can find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. The key question is: Can you improve the way you run your business without losing the focus on increasing your market share and customer base? OpenSpirit Business Process Outsourcing Services partners with you to help improve the efficiency of your non-core processes — so you can focus on your core business competencies with the flexibility you need to thrive in the toughest environments.

OpenSpirit Business Process Outsourcing

BPO key benefits:


• Cloud and platforms: Our expertise in platforms across industries and process domains enhances our ability to deliver revolutionary pay-per-use cloud-based solutions that provide tremendous savings while converting fixed costs to variable costs

• Economies of scale: To reduce costs, we use high-efficiency delivery models developed through our work with multiple customers

• Reliable and predictable levels of service: Our disciplined and systematic approach helps eliminate guesswork and risk

• Efficient delivery through our global talent pool: To help ensure more predictable costs and results, we provide trained and experienced global staff in costeffective locations close to you

• Best practices: Our intellectual property and experience ensures that you have the best possible approaches from a range of company experiences

• Flexible support options: Our services can be scaled up or down as your business needs change, saving you the cost of maintaining a large permanent infrastructure

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